Need help installing VirtualBox


Soo I on my pc I have Kali Linux and Windows 10 working separately and when I try do install virtualbox on linux I can`t. Should I uninstall Kali and try to make them work together and then install it easier???


Your trying to install Virtual Box in Kali Linux and have a Dual Boot?

Follow This:

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Sorry for this stupid question haah. Thanks for the answer tho​:joy::slight_smile:

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I have a more stupid question.What’s VirtualBox? It’s a syestem like Kali?

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:smiley: haha… seriously dude?

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emmm…I always use VMware .VirtualBox is not commonly used in China.


Thought you’re messing with me :joy::joy:

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How could be?I’m a good Boy:joy::joy::joy:

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… aha :joy:


@superPilipala to answer your question. VirtualBox is a virtualisation software much like VMWare Workstation Player running on a host OS. You can have a closer look at it here VirtualBox Download

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